Orthodontic Appliances Division

Delivering various kinds of more reliable orthodontic appliances to you promptly!

ASO group promises prompt and stable delivery to our customers through nationwide branch offices in Japan as well as overseas offices.
While having several many orthodontists who have been accomplishing proven orthodontic clinical practices as advisory staff, we have been doing development of more accurate appliances, designing new systems, gaining new patents, etc.
We continuously do our best for providing satisfactory technical and customer support to meet our customers’ needs.
AsoAligner® Division

Clear and invisible orthodontic appliances

Recently, orthodontic treatment with clear/plastic appliances are getting more attention, though, based on our various experience and technology for many years, we developed a new transparent orthodontic appliance, AsoAligner®, and started marketing with great success from 2010.
This AsoAligner® is a very good news to those who don’t want to be treated by bonding appliances. Moreover, AsoAligner® is quite effective for follow-up for relapse case of orthodontic treatment. ASO commits providing more reliable and accurate appliance, AsoAligner®.
CAD/CAM Division

Cutting-edge digital system for Orthodontic Treatment

We provide various cutting-edge CAD/CAM system business including marketing of 3shape scanners, digital study model storage system, (Orapix) lingual jig system, etc.
Seminar Planning & Management Division

Aiming at promoting and improving more accurate orthodontic appliances!

ASO sponsors various kinds of seminars throughout a year by inviting domestic and overseas prominent lecturers for aiming at promoting and improving more accurate orthodontic appliances.

Planning and Managing

If you plan to hold seminars in Japan, please contact us?
We will provide various services including our know-ow on how to conduct seminars including seminar site reservation, promotion of seminars, distributing seminar flyers, etc.