What is AsoAligner®?

AsoAligner®package photoAsoAligner® is a thin and clear removable one-piece type of orthodontic appliances so that people won’t notice patients are under orthodontic treatment.
Principal of AsoAligner® appliances is to move tooth alignment by utilizing elasticity of material to be given to specific teeth.
Usually, it requires to take an impression once a month by that three kinds of aligners (soft: 0.5mm, medium: 0.6mm and hard: 0.8mm) will be fabricated due to control and weaken patient’s pains. (Combination of 2 kinds of aligners, soft and hard, will also be available.)

How to fabricate?

After obtained impressions, ASO fabricates aligners with using the AsoAligner® Program so that doctors can confirm on the degree of tooth movement with pdf data by their PC. So, in some cases, doctors may ask any modifications to us if necessary.

Indications & Non-indications


・Improvement of tooth rotation
・Expanding or shrinking of tooth alignment
・Narrow space closure (discrepancy: less than 4mm)
・Extrusion of a tooth by intermaxillary rubbers
・Torque control
・Slight degree of inadequate intermaxillary situation


・Wider space closure (Such extraction cases as more than 4mm descrepancy)
・Improvement of skeletal open bite
・Mesiodistal tooth axis control (parallel movement)

Flow of Treatment

Clinical examination(Doctor)

Judge if AsoAligner® can be applied or not.

Impression taking(Step1)(Doctor)

Send impressions and instruction sheets to ASO.

Fabricate set-up models(ASO)

Fabricate set-up models with AsoAligner® software program, and send images with pdf data to doctors by e-mail.

Approval or Corrections(Doctor)

Based on set-up images sent by pdf data, doctor confirms on movement of teeth, and gives approval or instructs modifications to ASO either by e-mail or phone.

Fabricate AsoAligner™(ASO)

After confirmed on doctor’s approval, ASO fabricates AsoAligner® and deliver them to doctors.

Start treatment/installation(Doctor)

Doctor gives instruction on how to wear AsoAligner® to patients while using a “soft” aligner first.
In principle, we recommend wearing a “soft” aligner at least for 10 days, then, “medium”for another 10 days, and “hard” for more than 10 days.
(In case of 2 kinds of “soft” and “hard” combination, we also recommend wearing “soft” for 10 days, and after that, for “hard” aligner.)

Impression taking(Step2)(Doctor)

Approx. one month later since after patient starts using Step1 AsoAligner® doctor is requested to take a next impression for Step2, and send it with an instruction sheet.
(Please describe details as much as possible on instruction sheets.)

For further next steps, the above procedure will be repeated until treatment is over.
(*We ask 10-14 days for delivery.)

AsoAligner® Program

AsoAligner®Program is a software program newly developed by ASO International. The program provides us more reliable and accurate pre-and-post set-up images by an automatic basing-points recognition system for precise layering so that degrees for tooth movement can be easily confirmed
ASO conducts all of such procedure of image layering, description of distance for each tooth movement, etc. and send data with pdf data with small capacity of 300kb or so. Since almost any of PC will be accepted for the data transfer, we will send data to your e-mail address identified. After doctors obtain data, we ask doctors to check and confirm on movement direction of teeth as well as distance of each tooth, and ask their approval or any corrections via e-mail or phone. If any corrections are needed, please describe in details as much as possible, i.e., which tooth/teeth should be moved how much and to which direction, etc.

How to use AsoAligner®

As same as other conventional removable appliances,there exists strong correlation for AsoAligner® between curing speed and wearing time. So, we generally recommend wearing AsoAligner® more than 17 hours a day for soft, medium and hard ones.
First, we recommend wearing a “soft” aligner at least for 10 days, then, “medium” for another 10 days, and “hard” for more than 10 days. When wearing aligners, adequate chewing of aligners may develop a definite effect

3step-in-1 Aligner

Even basic AsoAligner® requires to take impressions every month and fabricates new aligners, “3step-in-1” AsoAligner® enables to fabricate maximum of 3-step aligners at once. As multi-aligner will be fabricated from one impression, we may have some risk of inadequate aligner installation caused by gingival changes along with teeth movement, lesser wearing of aligners which results poor tooth movement, etc. Therefore, in order to prevent from such risks, distance of teeth movement for Step1 will be set for 1mm, then, Step2 for 0.7mm and Step3 for 0.5mm.

*As for delivery, “3step-in-1” AsoAligner® requires approx. 20 days.